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Yes, we’re a fully accredited college with online courses taught by UW Colleges instructors. And our alumni have earned Associates degrees, started new careers, or continued their education at other UW System campuses. But what sets UW Colleges Online apart is that our students are like none other – driven, hard working, life-experienced. Those that seek out a world class UW education but do it on their terms. 

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How Online Learning Works

At UW Colleges Online, you’ll learn the same high-quality UW Colleges course content as the campus classes, taught by UW Colleges instructors. You’ll read the same textbooks. You’ll complete assignments and take exams. You’ll participate in discussions with peers and instructors. But you’ll do it all on your schedule. 

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Trying to get to the bottom of this tough question? Let’s start with the big picture. Are you looking for a world-class education that fits your life (instead of the other way around)? Are you driven? Curious? Unconventional? Do you prefer to learn in your living room as opposed to a lecture hall? Are you ready to take an active role in your education and start moving toward your next chapter? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, UW Colleges Online may be right for you.

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Upcoming Dates for Spring 2017 Semester

January 22
Registration Ends for the Spring 2017 (16 weeks) term
January 22
Full Tuition and 50% Course Fee Refund Ends for the Spring 2017 (16 weeks) term

Upcoming Dates for Summer 2017

March 1
Registration Starts for the Summer 2017 (12 weeks) term
March 1
Registration Starts for the Summer 2017 (3 weeks) term

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